Gas Facilities

Gas facilities projects

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CLIENT,Location,Title,Technical Data, SCOPE OF THE WORK/Year of completion
INA d.d.,Molve Croatia,CPS Molve III,Construction works on CO2 compressing dehydration facility CPS Molve III on Molve exploatation field, Turnkey Contract 2012
EVN-Croatia plin d.o.o., Zadar Croatia,VT/ST/NT distribution gas pipeline,Digging / construction works; piping layout; pipe welding; material supply for area of Zadar city,Turnkey Contract 2012
EVN-Croatia plin d.o.o., Zadar Croatia,Odorisation station,Odorisation station for max gas capacity of 10.000 Nm3/h,PC Contract for construction of the station along with connecting pipelines 2011
INA d.d.,Gola Croatia,Gola Duboka,Central gas station 123.500.000 m3/yr of natural gas – Condensate 42.500 m3/yr,Procurement/Construction – Turnkey Contract 2000
INA-Naftaplin, Molve Croatia,Molve 3,Central gas station 5.000.000 m3/day of natural gas,Procurement/Construction – Turnkey Contract 1992
INA-Naftaplin,Molve Croatia,Molve 2,CO2 Removal Plant 3.000.000 m3/day of natural gas,Procurement/Construction – Turnkey Contract 1985
Ministry of Oil and Gas SSSR,Urengoj-Uzghorod SSSR,Compression Stations for Gas Pipeline,6×6 MW and 3×25 MW gas stations,Stations construction and Piping works for pipeline – 3.929 t of steel construction and 2.739 t of pipeline 1983 – 1984
Sonatrach Algeria,Arzew Algeria,LNG 2 Plant,1 mil. – 1.000 mil. N.m3/year,Piping works 1981
INA-Naftaplin,Molve Croatia,Molve 1,C02 Removal Plant 1.000.000 m3/day of natural gas,Complete mechanical; electrical; instrumentation; painting and insulation works. 1980
Sonatrach Algeria,Hassi R’Mel Algeria,LNG-Treatment Plant,4.000.000 t/year,Construction of steel structure and equipment; piping works. 1979