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Montmontaza was founded in 1950 and is one of the largest companies in Croatia with approximately over two thousand employees working in Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Germany, the Netherlands, Lybia, Russia, involved in mechanical and civil construction, development, engineering, gas distribution, shipbuilding, elevator installation, recycling and energy trading and distribution in Central and Southeast Europe.

Montmontaza PLC with headquarters in Zagreb is the leader of Montmontaza Group and the majority owner of a group of companies, working worldwide both as contractor and for its own account in the construction of industrial plants, buildings, infrastructures, energy installations and refineries.

Within the Group the civil construction branch is covered by Lavčević PLC with the headquarters in Split and a number of daughter companies (visit also ).


[table caption=”SOME OF OUR CLIENTS” width=”600″ colwidth=”300|300″ colalign=”left|left”]
HEP,RWI; Siemens; Sulzer; MAN; Germany,
INA,Basic Engineering; U.S.A.,
INA – Petrokemija,Codest International; Italy,
INA – Naftaplin,CRNL; Canada,
DINA – Petrokemija,Galitchina Refinery; Ukraine,
JANAF,Slovnaft; Slovakia,
Plinacro,Oil and gas companies Russia; Lybia; Algeria; Cuba,
Crodux,State industrial companies Iraq; Cuba,
City authorites – Zagreb; Rijeka; Zadar, Ministry of Health; Ministry of Economy; Kazakhstan
Ministry of Internal Affairs, Ministry of Tourism; ChechRepublic
Zagrebačka pivovara, Ministry of Work Malawi; Tanzania
Zvijezda, National Development Corporation; Tanzania
., Slovin; Petrol Slovenia
, Energoinvest; Bosnia & Herzegovina
, Steel Mill Nikšić; Montenegro