We are over 60 years in business

The company’s foundation date lies sixty years back, in 1950, when a few erection/installation groups were joined in a state owned company. Very soon the activities, basically in mechanical erection works, were spread all over the territory of former Yugoslavia and also abroad, specially in mid-sixties and in seventies with significant expansion in the markets of Europe (Germany, Norway, the Netherlands), Africa (Tanzanya, Algeria, Lybia), former USSR, Cuba, Iraq, Iran, etc. Affiliated companies have been established in the number of countries, including the U.S.A.

During years the company changed its structure and name on several occassions. Business activites have been led under the name of Jugomontaza, Juvent, Monting-Montmontaza, coming finally to Montmontaza in 1992 when, after political and economic changes and establishing of the Republic of Croatia, the company was transformed from parastatal into 100% privately owned public limited company.

In 1993 Lavcevic PLC as one of the leading companies in civil engineering sector was incorporated in the Montmontaza Group and nowadays the company is structured as a corporation with a number of daughter companies covering wide range of engineering and construction/erection services and being licensed for execution of most complex projects and objects with activities both at home and worldwide. Significant results in development of gas distribution and electricity trading have been also achieved.