Mission and Goals

Mission and strategy is to be the leader in its chosen fields of business

MONTMONTAZA’s mission and strategy is to be the leader in its chosen fields of business, and thereby to realise on a long-term basis a return on its invested capital substantially higher than its cost of capital. In this way it aims to create value and provide the shareholders with a return on their investment commensurate with the risk involved, and so also to secure the continuity and independence of the corporation.


The strength of MONTMONTAZA Group lies in:
• its operating as the leader in the above mentioned three distinct, promising markets, both international and domestic, reducing thereby the overall business risk;
• its capabilities to introduce solutions to meet its customers present and future needs;
• its organisation, where a significant part of construction is contracted between group members;
• its policy to ensure and implement strict adherence to the wide range of internal procedures and control systems in execution of the projects;
• its world-wide reputation and
• its financial strength and considerable resources.


In selecting the business activities through which the above objective is to be achieved, the focus is almost entirely on those markets and projects on which the Group’s existing core competencies, i.e. its commercial and technical expertise, and track records, can be brought to bear. However, in general, the Group companies position themselves in accordance with the prevailing market conditions and focus on the top end of the markets where new technology and innovation are required, in order to limit competition.


Almost all projects pursued by the Group companies are of a nature that requires specific performance criteria with respect to quality, performance, timely execution, etc. established by its customers, including adherence to international standards. Only technical experience and expertise together with strict adherence to internal procedures, such as those required to obtain ISO 9000 accreditation can limit these risks.
MONTMONTAZA’s corporate structural and organizational concept is based on project principle orientation of business activities.