Petrochemical plants

Petrochemical plants demand careful planning and projecting

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CLIENT,Location,Title,Technical Data,Year of completion
Parachem Chemicals L.P., Montreal; Quebec; Canada, Refinery,Evaluation of expenses for relocation and reassembly of refinery facility including: equipment; piping; construction works and instrumentation works,2012
DINA-Petrokemija,Omisalj; Croatia, Rehabilitation of VCM plant,Mechanical erection works,underway since 2007
BASIC Engineering Inc.;Houston;Texas;USA,Santa Fe Springs;California; USA,CENCO REFINERY Relocation of Existing Plant,Plant Configuration Comprising: Vacuum Unit; Platformer NO3 Unit an Stabilizer Units; Gasoline;LSR;JET Merox Units; Naphta Hydrotreater Un; Middle Distillate Hydrotreater Unit; Amine Treater Unit; Sulphur Plant/ Tailgas Unit; FCC Hydrotreater Unit; FCC/FCC Gas Concentration Unit, Preliminary work for dismantling nd relocation of the facility; i.e.: Engineering services to produce “As – Is” documentation for the existing CENCO Refinery; including: laser scan services d; 3D modeling of plant and checking through avaliable As-Built Documentation;drafting and issue complete “As-Is” Documentation 2008
CRNL;Canada,Fort McMurray;Alberta; Canada,Oil Sands Project,Heating and Cooling Plant, Plant 64 Erection of Pipelines; Piperacks; Cooling Tower; Electrical; Instrumentation 2008
Alois Lauer Dillinger;Germany,BASF;Antwerpen;Belgium,Petrochemical Plant,FCC Plant,Complete piping works 1993
DINA -Petrokemija;Rijeka;Croatia,Krk; Croatia,DINA Petrochemical Complex LOPE Plant 70.000 t/ year, VCM Storage 2×3.000 m3; Ethylene Storage 2×7.500 m3,Construction of steel structure; process and electrical equipment; piping; painting and insulation works; installation of fire fighting system 1982
Sonatrach;Algeria,Arzew;Algeria,Lubricants Production Plant 120.000 t/year,Construction of steel structure and equipment, piping works 1981
Naftagas;Novi Sad;Yugoslavia,Novi Sad;Yugoslavia,Refinery Piping System,2″ to 32″ dia. weight 3.260 tons,Piping works 1981