Instrumentation PRVC

Power Rooms Ventilation Conditioning is our unique projecting branche

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CLIENT,Location,Title,Technical Data,Year of completion
HEP;Zagreb;Croatia,Zagreb,TE-TO Zagreb,Unit K EUR 6.000.000.,Combined Cogeneration Cycle Power Plant Total: 200 MWe:Installation of generator unit: switchgears;/ LV distribution system; lightning and grounding; lighting; instrumentation works; testing and start-up Extention (4 bays)and reconstruction (17 bays) of 110 kV substation 2000 – 2003
HKZP Zagreb;Croatia,Zagreb,Airport,Ventilation, air conditioning;heating Complete works 2003
Busi; Italy,Zagreb; Croatia,Bussines centar,Firealarm; air conditioning; heating etc.,Complete installations works 2002
INA d.d. Zagreb;Croatia,Gola Croatia,Gola Duboka,Central gas station 123.500.000 m3/yr of natural gas Condensate 42500 m3/yr,Installation of HV/ LV distribution system lightning and grounding; lighting instrumentation works; installation of control system; testing and start-up 2000
HEP;Zagreb;Croatia,Thermal Power Plant; Rijeka;Kostrena;Croatia,C1 TE Rijeka,60.000 m3 Tank double wall with piping and pumping station,Installation of LV distribution system lightning and grounding; lighting instrumentation works and control system; testing and start-up. 1997
Černomorsko Upravljenije Magistralnih Njefteprovodov;Russia,Novorossijsk- Grušovaja;Russia,Railway Wagon Unloading Plant,60 discharging units,Installation of HV/LV distribution system lightning and grounding; instrumentation works; testing and start-up 1994
Siemens;München;Germany,Erding;Germany,Airport München 2 and several buildings in the vicinity of München,Airport with two runways for 10 million passengers annually with aux. buildings; mail and cargo terminal; catering terminal,Electric installation works; external lighting; auxilliary runway cabling. 1992