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Legal & Impressum

Links to Third Party Webpages
The links published are researched and compiled with the greatest possible care. We have no influence on the current and future design and content of linked web pages. We are not responsible for the content of the linked sites, and do not appropriate this content for our own use. The provider of the web pages to which reference is made has sole liability for illegal, false or incomplete content and for damage arising from the use or non-use of the information. No liability can be accepted by the party who merely draws attention to the publication by a link. Responsibility for third party links can only exist if we have positive knowledge of them, i.e. including of any possible illegal or criminal content, and if it is technically possible and reasonable to prevent their use. Should you find content or images on external links which give grounds for complaint or if you cannot reach the address stated under the link we have provided, please inform us by e-mail so that we can check the link information.

Disclaimer and Copyright
These web pages offer information that is updated regularly. You may save this information and create links to these sites. If links are created by commercial providers, the opening window must show the web pages only. The information may not be altered or falsified. If you wish to correspond with Montmontaza PLC by e-mail, you should be aware that e-mails are not entirely secure and that the confidentiality of the e-mail and any reply can only be guaranteed if appropriate encryption programs are used. Encryption programs will only be used at your explicit request. By sending e-mails to Montmontaza PLC you confirm that you are aware of these risks. When using our web pages, you exchange data with our servers. No personal data will be collected, saved or processed in doing so. We can accept no liability for damage due to technical faults, shortcomings or errors.

Content of Own Web Pages
No liability can be accepted for the currency, completeness or quality of information. All offers that are free of charge are non-binding. The offer can be amended, added to, deleted or publication can be discontinued at any time without prior warning.