Heavy Industry Plants

Heavy Industry Metallurgy and Cement Plants is all about careful planing

Heavy Industry Metallurgy and Cement Plants
CLIENT Location Title Technical Data Year of completion
Dalmacijacemen;Split; Croatia Split; Croatia Cement Factory Coil convert facility Complete installation works 2003
DSD; Germany Thyssen-Witten / Ruhr Steel plant piping Distribution piping for medium at steel plant Piping works 1992
EBISCO;Libya Misuratta;Libya Steel Mill Direct Reduction Plant; SMS 1&2 Plant; Cold and hot rolling mill Complete construction works; piping; painting; insulation and electrical works;refractory lining. 1985
Energoinvest;Sarajevo; Bosnia and Herzegovina Mostar;Bosnia and Herzegovina Aluminium Processing Plant 92.000 t/year of primary aluminium Construction of aluminium conductors and flexibie conductors; 20/10 t overhead cranes; conveyer – dust – arrestor system; wet dust – arrestor electrical installations;crane electrical equipment;crane feed electrical equipment. 1982
Zeljezara;"Boris Kidrič" Nikšić;Yugoslavia Niksic;Yugoslavia Processing Water Recirculating System Sewage water recircul. system 2.430 m3/h; Pure water recirculating system 1.600 m3/h Supply and construction of underground piping; pumping stations; valve station; control measuring and signalling devices. 1982
Walzwerk;Ilsenburg;Germany Ilsenburg;Germany Thick Sheet Rolling Mill Plant for thick sheet rolling; Quatro rolling; Standard rolling width 3.800 mm Dismantling of old steel structures and equipment; construction of steel structures; pipe installations; rolling mill; mechanical equipment; power electric motors; rolling stand; other electric motors; roof and wall louvres pneumatically operated. 1982
Inker;Zagreb;Croatia Zaprešić;Croatia Ceramic Tile Factory 7.000.000 m2/year Construction of steel structures; mechanical equipment and piping system. 1980
Inker; Zagreb;Croatia Dvor na Uni;Bosnia and Herzegovina Floor Tile Factory 1.350.000 m2/year Construction of steel structures; mechanical equipment and piping system. 1980
TLM; "Boris Kidrič"; Šibenik;Croatia Croatia Band Mill II Improvement and extension of band mill to annual production of 50.000 t of aluminium semifinished products Construction of rolling stands;cutting and trimming shears; straightening machines;pallet system; heating furnaces;hydraulic and pneumatic systems; electric motor distribution system; measuring; signalling and control equipment; lining and refractory works on furnaces. 1979
Željezara;"Boris Kidrič";Nikšić;Yugoslavia Nikšić;Montenegro Combination Rolling Mill 150.000 t/year of rolled products Construction of steel structure; pit furnace mechanical equipment motor drive distribution; piping for water; fuel and technical gases. 1979
Željezara;"Boris Kidrič";Nikšić;Yugoslavia Nikšić;Montenegro MPK Steel Mill 375.000 t/year of high grade steel Construction of 2 electric arc furnaces; reparation of steel degasing plant; steel structures supply and equipment for electric arc furnace dust arrestor; erection of dust-arrestor equipment; supply and construction of fluid distribution syst.; manufacture and construction of boiler drying installation; construction of products handling equipment. 1979