Ecological plants

Without ecology there is no progress

Ecological plants
CLIENT Location Title Technical Data Year of completion
Montmontaza;Zagreb;Croatia CPS Molve 3;Molve;Croatia Mercury Removal EPC – Turnkey Contract. 1994
Montmontaza;Zagreb;Croatia Pliva;Zagreb;Savski Marof;Croatia Energy saving at boiler plant EPC – Turnkey Contract Works. 1993
Aussenhandels-betrieb Industrieanlagen Import Berlin; Germany Berlin;Rummelsburg;Germany FGD Rummelsburg Flue Gas Desulfurisation Plant;Wellman-Lord Process Construction of steel structure and process equipment;piping and instrumentation works;protective lining insulation. 1988
INA-Naftaplin;Zagreb; Croatia Molve; Croatia CO2 Removal Plant 3.000.000 m3/day of natural gas Insta Installation of HV/LN distribution system; lightning and grounding; measuring and control equipment. Testing and start-up. 1985