Chemical Refineries

Protection of enviroment is our first task when projecting refineries

[table caption=”Chemical Refineries” width=”1000″ colwidth=”200|300|200|200|400″ colalign=”left|left|left|left|right”]
CLIENT,Location,Title,Technical Data,Year of completion
Pliva Zagreb Croatia,Savski Marof Croatia, VNS upgrade – Mini plant upgrade, Pharmacy plant unit,Procurement/Construction Turnkey Contract 2012-2013
Pliva Zagreb Croatia,Savski Marof Croatia, Azitromicin Plant, Azitromicin Plant -Plant 400 E,Procurement/Construction Turnkey Contract 1995
Doodeh Sanati Pars Ltd.,Saveh,Carbon Black Plant,15.000 t/year,EPC-Turnkey Contract 1994
Slovnaft Bratislava Slovakia,Bratislava Slovakia,Ethylene Plant,Ethylene Plant Furnaces revamp: – 60 t of piping – 100 t of steel structures, 1993
National Develop. Corporation Dar es Salaam Tanzania,Mufindi Tanzania,Pulp and Paper Mill, Various paper 60.000 t/year Additionally wet pulp 1.400 t/year, Complete construction works. 1985
Jugovinil Split Croatia, Split Croatia,Suspension Polymerization Plant, 50.000 t/year,Construction of steel structures and mechanical equipment piping works 1984
INA-Petrokemija Kutina, Croatia Kutina, Croatia Fertilizer Plant I Fertilizer Plant II, Ammonia plant 680 t/day UREA 300 t/day KAN 650 t/day Nitric acid 800 t/day UREA 1500 t/day Ammonium nitrate 500 t/day MAP/NPK 1500t/day, Partial supply and complete construction 1984
SOM Al Quaim Iraq,Al Quaim Iraq, Fertilizer Plant, 1.100.000 t/ year,Complete construction of sulfuric and phosphoric acid production plant phosphate ore treatment pl. and tank farm 1982