Oil Refineries

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CLIENT,Location,Title,Technical Data,Year of completion
INA d.d.;Zagreb;Croatia,Refinery Sisak,FCC Naphta Hydrodesulphurization Unit,FCC Naphta Hydrodesulphurization Unit,• Equipment installation works – 350 tons (columns; pumps; exchangers etc.) • Furnice assembly – 200 tons • Piping installation works – 300 tons • Eguipment and piping insulation works • Painting works 2008
INA Rafinerija nafte;Rijeka;Croatia,Rijeka;Croatia,Oil-Refinery,Topping I 1.400.000 t/year cap. Topping II 2.800.000 t/year cap. Topping III 4.500.000 t/year cap. Isomerization 233.000 t/year cap. Platforming I 163.000 t/year cap. Platforming II 540.000 t/year cap. Visbreaking 934.000 t/year cap. Desulfurization 141.000 t/year cap. Gas Recuperation 186.000 t/year cap. Aromatics 438.000 t/year cap. Hydeal; 100.000 t/year cap. Unifining I 163.000 t/year cap. Unifining II 540.000 t/year cap. Merox I-IV 160.000 t/year cap.,FCC; 1.000.000 t/year cap. Vacuum distillation 1.700.000 t/yea cap. Merox LPG 168.000 t/year cap. Merox benzene 480.000 t/year cap. Hydrogen Sulfide Recuperation 120.000 t/year cap. Sulphur Production Claus 10.000 t/year cap. Flares; 3 Procurement/Constructions Storage Tanks: 2×20.000 m3 7×10.000 m3 5×3.300 m3 etc. Interconnection piping system; Tanker jetty Power station cap. Chemical water T.P. Oil jetty terminal Description: Construction of steel structure; process equipment and pipe bridges; piping ; insulation; electrical and instrumentation works;refractory lining; installation of fire fighting systems.Long term overhaul and maintenance.
“Galičina” Oil Refinery;Ukraine,Drogobič;Ukraine,”Galičina” Oil Refinery,Atmospheric and vacuum distillation -3.500.000 t/year Naphta hydrotreat. unit – 950.000 t/year Octanizing unit -760.000 t/year Hydro-isomerisation unit – 275.000 t/year and auxilliary units,Procurement/Construction – Turnkey Contract Civil works.1998